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On Getting What You Deserve

Superstitious and religious folks will often try and find a reason for things to happen the way they do. They insist that not only in the afterlife will your deeds be tallied up and judgment rendered, but also here on Earth can you count on some score-keeper in the sky to keep a close watch…

Grand Prix Racing for the Rest of Us

This is a cropped but close translation of part of an article published March 27, 2013 in the OLC Magazine in German. “The argument can be made that traditional glider racing rules are such that spectator interest and involvement is near zero. Complex rules that are not relatable by the lay person and technical details that take substantial time to sort out delay daily racing results for hours if not until the next morning. Whoever comes home first from a contest flight is most likely not involved in the decision regarding the day’s winner.”

What’s Your Pleasure: Turkey, Fajita or Glider Wrap?

I have been thinking about the aging fleet of composite gliders around the world and the problem of gelcoat crazing and cracking. Every owner must be wondering at times about the remaining life they have on their gelcoat and about the eventually inevitable refinishing. The approaches to this issue so far have been three-fold in my opinion.