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To VOR or not to VOR?

Various Glider pilot exam databases and study guides include questions about VOR/ADF navigation (but not GPS). The predecessor of the Glider Flying Handbook, Soaring Flight Manual, has half a chapter […]

Learn to Fly with Condor!

Not too long ago I discovered the world of flying with Condor. As a technologist, I immediately wondered whether Condor would be a good training tool for RL flight instruction. […]

XCSoar for Android

Recent Android mobile phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Google’s Nexus 4 have built-in barometric pressure sensors, GPS, and compass capabilities. In other words, you have […]

Soaring Library

I posted a first draft of the list of glider books I have in my library, either on Kindle or on a bookshelf. I plan to add reviews and reading […]

Snow Flight

No thermals but a fun take-off and landing in the snow to wrap up the 2012 season in Osceola, WI. Visibility got close to zero upon take-off. Here’s a spot landing in […]


Ever since I was a child I dreamed about flying. As a young boy, at the age of 14, I first learned about gliders through the Belgian Air Force’s air cadet […]