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Benjamin Bachmaier is an engineering student from Munich, Germany, besides being a gliding enthusiast, instructor, cross-country / alpine soaring coach and competition pilot. Soaring is the central element of his life and he spends a lot of time learning, thinking, reading and writing about it. Benjamin started gliding in 2005 when he was only fourteen years old. He has since collected more than 1500 hours of cockpit time and has been on cross-country tasks over a dozen different countries.

Tea with “Two-Delta” – News and Views from North Africa

I´m back in Europe this week.

This, in fact, is a bit weird because a few weeks ago I wasn´t even prepared for leaving the continent at all, nor Germany, nor Munich, nor the university campus until all exams are over. The steady rain periods in Germany had me decide to definitely delay the second part of my soaring season to the August competition phase to come. Little did I know my fortune had completely different plans for me.

Tea with “Two-Delta” – Talking about The Weather

In the everyday culture I grew up in, the weather is something almost frowned upon when brought up in a conversation. According to what I experienced in social situations, somebody who uses the weather as a subject for a chat is quickly labeled someone who hasn´t anything interesting to say, desperate to pick the next-best…