” Flying with the CHAMPIONS ” also from Bitterwasser this year!

Long time no see.
Got some interesting news from Ludwig Starkl and Wolfgang Janowitsch, which I will share in my own blog  next Sunday,  but I thought for all those in the USA, Canada and South America,  this might be exciting for you as well.

I hope you still look so now and then, to see if there are café blogs, though I know not a lot has happened the last couple of months.

We had till now a few pretty good days here in Europe. Spring even had 2 x a 1000 from HOLLAND.VERY special!!!!!And an 800 km. FAI triangle, also not happening every week. These flights were all from Soesterberg and the 2x 1000 were the first 1000 km. flights from Soesterberg.
Summer still has to start and we hope for more of those great days. Unfortunately good soaring weather was alternated with violent weather killing 2 young girls in Holland yesterday. Walking in a park they were surprised by heavy rain and hided under a tree. Lightning out of the blue killed them!!!Several people walking in the park were stunned by the speed of all what happened.
In Germany a small town lost all red roof tiles due to a tornado. Several people were injured.
Due to change of climate , I am afraid, we will have these violent circumstances more in the future.

Lot’s of comps in Europe at the moment, as well as the QSGP in Czech Republic. All the news is on soaring.eu



Picture shared on the Bitterwasser site.

But here is the news from FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS, I wanted to share with you.

— “We are glad to announce that together with the Bitterwasser-team we can offer ‘Flying with the Champions’ at the biggest and most traditional gliding site in Namibia. Additionally to the event in Kiripotib we will offer two courses in the first two weeks of November 2015, for four pilots each.

Gliders available will be EB 28, Arcus M and the new ASG 32 from Schleicher, we are quite excited about that!

There will be some new faces amongst the champions, for sure Arndt Hovestadt, Holger Back and Reinhard Schramme from Germany, Brad Edwards from Australia and Phil Jones from Great Britain. With some others, we are still negotiating.

In the meantime, our event became so popular that capacities in Kiripotib are at their limits. Therefore, we appreciate the cooperation with Bitterwasser to give even more interested glider pilots a chance to participate in this worldwide unique training event. The top quality we can offer – thanks to our champions – has made the rounds!

From now on you have the choice to book our courses in Bitterwasser as well, find more details on our homepage”


or on the Bitterwasser-link:


When you always wanted to see/feel how a champion flies, always wanted to go to Bitterwasser, here is your chance.

And now I am here anyhow, the latest Gliding International has lots of newsy news about the new Schempp Hirth Ventus III/ 18 m., about how to soar the Himalayas ,about the GLOW developed by UK based ProAirsport, about the STEMME S 6 and much more;

Cheers Ritz


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