High speed rides! What about 189.5 km./h. over 429.3 km. in an ASG 29!!!!!

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Welcome to OMARAMA and the 2014 Southern Island Championships
is written on their site.

Of course I kept,[ even with swollen eyes due to an operation on my eye-lids] ,  a plastered eye on these comps as well and this morning I nearly fell from my chair, looking at he speed of several gliders during the 2014 South Island Championships!!!!
So I jumped in my office-chair to share this with you.Thought you might like it too, when you had missed it.

I know Omarama is a wave paradise and that strong conditions can give high speed, but during a competition this is extra special, as you set a task for all type of pilots, not for one or two .

The news from day 4 [today] by Lex explains it all, what great organizers to use EVERYTHING to set the optimal tasks.
" We have a quite moist westerly outside and the sky is full of nice looking wave (lenticular) clouds! Wave task for all three classes - very much an Omarama special task. Fuzzy turnpoints, 5km in radius and scored as an AAT but with an impossible minimum time of 1 hour. The larger turnpoints mean that there is less congestion at the turnpoints when gliders are high and fast in the wave. The tasks are going to the East as well to force pilots to jump forwards and back between wave clouds, so everyone is not zooming back and forth along the same cloud!"

So high-speed-rides with an average handicapped 189.5 km./h. in an ASG 29 by Derek Kraak, who loved this high speed race, who would n't!
Here he is on a fabulous high-finish-shot by Geoff Soper.


courtesy Geoff Soper.

But also the " smaller ship-pilots"  had an extremely good day; Kevin Bethwaite, flies with 169.5 km./h. over 240 km. in his LS 4b and in 15 m.
George Wills flew around with a speed of 167.1 km./h.over 384.4 km./h.
Also an out-landing,  as some " went somewhere, they should not have gone."

zzzz Omarama 2

Picture courtesy Geoff Tozer.

This was already the 2d speed-day as on day 2 from this competition the pilots flew in wave and ridge conditions and young Nick Oakley flew in his ASW 19 with a speed of 160 km./h. over 320 km.
The Duo Discus flew in the open/18m./20m. class just 1 km./h. faster; 161.6 km./h. over 323 km.

They added a few pictures on their FB site so I share a few with you.

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As shared on the FB site from Southern Island Championships.

When you are interested , please follow them,  as they continue till the 22d , on;


and the scores are as well on www.soaringspot.com 

Cheers Ritz

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