Summer, summer… reminiscence to 3 months at the airport with joys and sorrows

The weather in June was promising, especially after the rainy month of May. By that time I had come through a serious illness but I felt better. Between the 10th and the 20th of June I flew good flights (2 and ½ hours, 1 hour) but both of them resulted in a "forced landing.” No, the weather was not bad, you could see cumulus everywhere on the sky, but I felt miserable. I felt sick, nauseated and I had problem with my ears. That time I would have the chance to fly 3 hours, but I had to finish it and came round. It’s impossible to fly if you are ill.

At the end of June I had a tonsillectomy, it was so painful but I recuperate quickly. Although I couldn’t fly for a few weeks at the beginning of July. I did my first-takeoff with a tutor but then I could continue flying alone. By that time I had had my high-school graduation and the surgery so I could feel real freedom. Oh yes, but the weather… at the end of July we had the annual gliding camp, but it was raining every day. We were sitting on the terrace of the buffet waiting for a nicer weather. Without avail. The camp was not succesful regarding thermals.

Enjoy flying with another pilot

Enjoy flying with another pilot

Despite the bad weather I could do my aerotow course as on some days, in the afternoon or in the evening the sky cleared up. After 4 days of practising I had my first solo and before the end of the camp I finished the course. The aerotow gave me some extra confidence because I didn’t have to fly more than it is written in the syllabus. After all I saw that it’s worth to continue gliding.

So at the beginning of August I was able to do aerotow solo. The camp ended after 10 days of rain and we were still waiting for the good weather. It didn’t come….

I had 30 hours of gliding, I finished the aerotow course… so everything is right to fly an SZD-30 Pirat. During August two more pilots got Pirat so I had to wait a bit and I still wait now because from that time almost every weekend is rainy, windy or too cloudy. Unfortunately it seems to be that I’ll get Pirat only in the next season… well, at least I’ll have a great purpose in the next year!

Our new airplane, Astir CS77

Our new airplane, Astir CS77

Looking back to this period I see that I should have done a lot of things in a different way: at first, it would have been better if I had had the tonsillectomy in winter so I could have started the aerotow course at the beginning of June or in May. Well, these are just some ideas, but it’s easier to be clever subesquently. On the other hand, I should have done more aerotows in August because on some days if you did winch, you couldn’t fly. If you did aerotow, you could. Although it seems to be more expensive, the costs can be cleared.

To sum up the summer, I had some success and failure also. One thing for sure: from negative things you can draw the lesson. I hope that the next season the weather will be more propitious and we will be able to fly more and get the Pirat. ;) it would be cool to fly 5 hours and the first cross-country flight with that.

a Redbull airplane visited us

a Redbull airplane visited us


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