The weather-gods took a day off , so did the pilots at the UK 18 m. Nationals!

Competitions enough this week in Europe!
As always interesting..... the 18 m. National competition flown from HusBos in the UK till July 13, today.
30 Participants have tried to be on the highest spot on this last day and a few of them belong [still] to the WORLD TOP.
The weather was pretty good and from the 8 days they flew 6 days for sure, don't know what happens today and except for the first day they had over-300-km.-tasks even up to nearly 400.
That has been sometimes different in the UK!!!???
3 Toppers, Andy Davis, Russell Cheetham and Pete Harvey , all 3 flying the JS 1 Revelation, made it an interesting way to the top.
All former World or European champion and still very strong competitors.
After 4 days Andy had 3080 points, Russell 3034 and Pete who normally flies open class gliders had 3019 points.

Thursday had a C task from still 351 km. and the winner Iain Evans flew around with a speed of 129 km./h.
5 JS 1 gliders on top that day,with Iain now ONE point in the overall scores behind Pete.
Now 4 JS 1's in the top 4 overall.
An expensive out landing for Shaun, who so professionally  informed us as commentator during the final of the Grand Prix in France.He lost nearly 600 points on Iain and dropped from 10 to 14.

The weather gods took a day off so did the pilots, but on the last but one day they were ready to go for it again. A task was set, 337.8 km.and launches started at 12.
A pretty good day for some, BUT.... not so good for others as there were  9 out landings.
Andy won this day 6 as he did  before already on day 1  and 4.
Russell lost a few points and Pete did well with a 3d daily prize, so Andy remains on 1 , Pete climbed up to 2 and Russell now is on 4, as Stephen Ell passed him in the ASG 29/18m. and has 8 points more overall.
Today is the last day! Will they fly?
They mentioned on this Sunday morning , that it  was " a rather damp start of the day" .
For the final task , they try for a 155 km task later in the day, after 3 , when there should be a window to the the NW and scores you can ho to

Also interesting ...the FEMALE Nationals in France flown from Issoudun. You would expect the better weather there, but it was n't.From 8 days they flew 2 !!!
Day 1 had a 2 hour AAT and the best distance was 68.7 km. whilst on day 2 's 2 hour AAT 3 ladies from the 16 in total, finished with between 136 and 147 km.with a speed of around 40 km./h.With other words pretty miserable and wet weather.
With 4 scrubbed days in total the 16 were ready yesterday for an other 2 hour AAT, but it was not meant to be.
Also today is scrubbed.
5 Girls have after those 8 days a TOTAL of more than 100 points [between 131 and 191] the rest between 0 and 33!!! That says ALL about the weather ! A pity!

After this week, Issoudun will be active again , this time with guests as the Junior squad from the UK is going to practice there. Pete Masson and Brian Spreckley will be their coaches .Hope for them that  the weather will improve !

More women in the air as the Polish ladies went up yesterday and will fly their Nationals till the 20 thiest . 11 Participants are going to fly from Ostrow to show who is the best and started yesterday with a 2.30 AAT, won by Zofia in the St Jantar 2 with ONE point ahead on the well known Joanna Biedermann.

On July 3 2014, Morgan Sandercock from Australia filed claim- notifications from his record-flights flown from ELY [Nevada]  in the USA to the Aussie claim officer Pam.
Morgan , as you know is not only  very much involved with the PERLAN Project, as project manager, but a great pilot as well.
There was , by the way some HOT news from the Perlan Project yesterday:
"The Perlan Project will be making an important announcement on the 28th of July at the Oshkosh airshow, on the main ramp.

If you’re going to Oshkosh this year, try to get to the ramp area (where the big aircraft are displayed) by 2pm on the Monday."
And here are Morgan's claims in the ultra light category flown , in the Sparrow Hawk R designed in the USA by Windward Performance. [ The Sparrow Hawk is a sister/brother of the 15 m. glider Duck Hawk]

---Triangle Distance 738.50 km (this is also a World and Continental Record Claim
---Free Triangle Distance 772.10 km (this is also a World and Continental Record Claim)
---Distance via up to 3 TPs 787.50 km.
---Free distance via up to 3 TPs 795.10 km.
---Free O/R distance 394.40 km.
Congratulations to Morgan, good on you Morgan!

And as a fan from vintage planes I can't leave these pictures out.They are shared by Roland Jahne.
Here is the story as I found it on FB:
" Today saw the re-enactment of Australias first Airmail flown by Maurice (not Rolfe) Guillaux in a Bleriot from Melbourne to Sydney. However Maurice Rolfe did play his part today by carrying the Anniversary mail from Benalla to Albury in his own properly marked aircraft. The great organizing effort by the Aviation Historical Society of Australia to commemorate this Centenary is to be applauded."
I totally agree!!!!!

ZZ Antique 2  ZZ Antique Aeroplane association of Australia by Roland Jahne

ZZ Antique 3

The " Royal Mail "send this time from Benalla to Albury and the pilot from now Maurice Rolfe to the r.

To finish some more pictures from the Finnish WGC . Got them from the VERY HAPPY Schmelzers. So they should.

Enjoy! When they are all settled and rested I will one day write more about this for them HUGE event.

DSC07567 DSC07600

Sebastian Bert and Jez and ...............sharing the cup ;Barbara and Bert

IMG_0147 IMG_0179

Bert and brother Tijl and the HAPPY family with in the middle Patrick Pauwels, Belgium IGC delegate.

AND 2 from Katja, to show her  talent other than designing web sites; making great pictures.This time Killian from France silver medal winner in his glorious helicopter/airforce out fit. And gliders lined up.

Z Katja 1   Zweefvliegtuigen in Rayskala by Katja

courtesy and copyright by Katja

Cu next Sunday
cheers Ritz

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