Harris Hill pilots go to the World Gliding Championships


Karin Schlosser readies the Arcus T for flight on practice day one.

The excitement was palpable when our club found out that Harris Hill pilots Karin Schlosser and Heinz Weissenbuehler, Jr. were selected to represent the United States in the 20 meter Multiplace Class at the World Gliding Championships in Finland.

Nicknaming themselves Team ARC for the Arcus T glider they are flying in the contest, we coaxed them into making blog entries of their experience so we can follow from afar.  ["Don't worry!," we said.  "We'll make it EASY to post!"]  So far, they've managed to arrive in Finland with glider intact after being delayed only by striking ferry workers and settled into the first practice day.

Team ARC's ground crew is also made up of several HHSC club members who have been instructed to send pictures daily.  You can follow Team ARC's blog here.

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  1. Frauke Elber
    June 21, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Thank you Karin for letting us participate in your adventures. I spent the summer of 1962 in Finland as the only aero sport member in a group of athletes which was sponsored by the German Sport Federation. We were housed in a sport school further north than you are. We too took the Ferry to Finland, first from Germany to Denmark, then by train to Stockholm and then from there by ship to Helsinki. It was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever done. But in contrast to you we slept on the open deck on air mattresses not in luxury cabins. I always wanted to go back. It never happened.
    I wish all of you who are competing in Finland good luck and safe flights.

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