The Café Forums Are Here!

ForumsAs promised, we have added Forums to The Soaring Café. We are proud to announce that the Forums are officially open! It is our hope that they will provide a venue to discuss topics of interest and engage in conversation as well as debate, but with a reasonable sense of decorum.

We encourage everyone to participate and rate posts, but respectfully request that you read and abide by the rules of etiquette. The rules will address the simple desire of most participants for forum exchanges to remain civil and stay on topic. Should a post be offensive or break the stated rules, a reporting function is available that will alert the Café staff to the offending post.  We believe that most moderation issues can be dealt with by an email requesting the post or comment be modified or removed. Truly offensive posts will be removed. Finally, we will implement a “three strikes and you’re out” provision if necessary.

Your comments are important to us because the site was created for you and others like you who enjoy soaring. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions for the rules of etiquette.

See you in the forums,
Bill and Rand