Spring 2014 Issue of VSA’s “Bungee Cord”

The Spring 2014 Bungee Cord has been sent to Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA) members.

2014 v40 no1 Spring Bungee Cord Cover

Spring 2014 Bungee Cord Table of Contents

Besides the editorial by Jim Short on “New Vintage Sailplanes” and a mixture of VSA News and Updates, the current issue features:

  • Thoughts on the NTSB’s Report on a Ka-7 Accident by Neal Pfeiffer
  • The Adventure of Creating a “New” Vintage Glider by Dan Rihn
  • Brief Recap of the Screamin Weiner / Rigid Midget / Tiny Mite Story
  • ASK-14 Motorglider Project by the WaKans Glider Club
  • Information needed on original Wolf Data Plate
  • Design History and Philosophy at Schweizer Aircraft Corporation. Part 2, Introducing Two-Seaters, by Ernie Schweizer (unpublished manuscript submitted by Kyle Schweizer)
  • First to Fifteen Hours: John “Jack” Barstow, by Gary Fogel

The VSA Quilt Raffle

In conjunction with our upcoming 40th anniversary party in June, we would like to mention that Dody Wyman made a spectacular eight by nine foot (bed-size) soaring T-shirt quilt to be raffled off for the benefit of the Vintage Sailplane Association (a very worthwhile cause!). This quilt received lots of attention at the VSA booth in Reno. It has soaring T-shirt art from all over the world, including the Wasserkuppe, Lasham and New Zealand, plus plenty of American locations, clubs, and gliders. For a quick peek, go to https://soaringcafe.com/2014/03/ssa2014-a-video-tour-of-the-exhibit-hall/ where the Quilt shows up at 0:35, 0:42, and 0:50 but especially at 4:17.

Raffle tickets went quickly on the convention floor, but are still available. They will be sold at upcoming vintage glider meets and by mail. Tickets are $5 each or five tickets for $20. Send your check for this exceptionally worthwhile cause to VSA, 31757 Honey Locust Rd., Jonesburg, MO 63351, but please specify that your check is for The Quilt Raffle. And be sure to provide your name, phone number or e-mail address, so you can be notified when you win! The drawing will take place on June 14th, as one of the highlights during the VSA’s 40th anniversary gathering at Lawrenceville-Vincennes Airport (KLWV), Lawrenceville, IL.


and a notice on the back clearly states that she made it specially for the VSA.

Quilt Signature_s

Joining the Vintage Sailplane Association

If you’re interested in vintage or classic sailplanes and haven’t joined the VSA, please consider doing so. It’s very easy; go to the VSA membership page and join using PayPal or a credit card. If you prefer to pay with a check, just download the membership application and send the completed application with your check to the treasurer. VSA membership includes a subscription to the Bungee Cord. Please note that when you join just after an issue has been published, it might be another three months before you receive your first issue.

VSA dues are also used to support the VSA awards, which encourage and reward the restoration of vintage gliders.

And as a reminder, a Vintage Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1958, or a more recently built glider with appearance, performance and construction characteristics similar to gliders built before 1958. A Classic Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1975, but not categorized as a Vintage Sailplane.