Is it impossible to fly 3 hours?

Is it impossible to fly 3 hours?  The diaries of a beginner woman pilot – mistakes and memories.

Is it impossible to fly 3 hours?  The diaries of a beginner woman pilot – mistakes and memories.

10423494_770404699658068_192855885_nI started soaring in 2013 and had my first solo in June. Looking back to this period in my life I was so happy that I reached my goal: I can fly a glider. Wow. But what happened after the first solo? Am I determined enough to become professional?

When I started this sport I had dreams in my head about my career: just 1 year, a few months and I will have my first cross-country flight. So easy. Go to the airport, sit into a glider and fly. No matter how the wind is blowing, whether it is sunny or not.
Instead of this fairy tale I had to face with some difficulties: at first, I should mention my illness. When I look back to the 21st of July I see myself in the plane, suffering from head ache and ear problems. My dear, I was so stupid when I flew more than an hour with sore tonsils. It was my first big mistake and I’m sure that I’ll never forget that day. I lost my senses in the evening and then stayed in bed for a week.


The boys are ready for taking off.

My second big mistake happened when I forced flying again and ignored some rules. I tend to be stubborn and after I had my task (1 hour flight near the aiport) I really wanted to fly 3 hours, because it’s the next step before cross-country flights. It goes without saying that my tutor was not proud of me.

Certainly there are some unforgettable moments in my mind so I will never regret that I have started soaring. The one-week-long camp was the best during the summer, a group of young people had fun at the airport. We did party in a swimming pool, played table tennis and celebrated a birthday and a wedding. It was so cool!


Discussion in the morning. Speaking about the daily plans.

I also gained some new flying experience… for example I flew with An-2 and K-7 and started this new season in April. I still haven’t flown 3 hours but I believe that I’ll do soon! And then I can fly a Pirat. Now I see that I am determined and self-confident enough to continue this way in soaring. What a great adventure is waiting for me!

Written by Adrienn Kiss,

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  1. Gerard Robertson
    May 31, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Adrienn, Nicely written and thank you for sharing it. We all make mistakes as we begin: the important part is to learn from it. I looked at your blog and it reminded me how difficult a language Hungarian is. Would you consider translating the story about the wrecked glider? Keep flying and enjoy your summer (it’s winter in the southern hemisphere).

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