History written during Dutch National Competition

The did it! The 701 km. task set at the Dutch National Championship was flown by 3 from the 10 participants in this class. Unfortunately "50 shades of grey" spoiled it for 7.

The did it! The 701 km. task set at the Dutch National Championship was flown by 3 from the 10 participants in this class. Unfortunately "50 shades of grey" spoiled it for 7.

What happened? The weather changed earlier than hoped for.

After 3 in the afternoon various shades of grey covered the beautiful blue sky AND the sun.The temperature dropped, the wind picked up  and an HALO surrounded the sun.

Z Bertje1  Z ES and E2


Terlet in the morning , with blue skies and great clouds,  as seen by tow pilot Bert,
Terlet in the evening , still clouds but grey skies, as seen by the finishers E2 and EC
and the HALO seen by Jeroen from Belgium flying over Holland.

Both club and combi class pilots  had an early start-line and a tad [100/200 km.] shorter task ,they finished before having too much problems with the change of the weather. Some flew for more than 8 hours. 8 from 10 pilots in the club class flew the 524 km.!!! Chapeau!!!!!! Winner Frank Hiemstra...1000 points.

10365895_10203668102806168_6400614728852863311_n  Z Frank by Jeroen

Happy -club- classers- finish! Robert and daily winner  Frank.
Courtesy Jeroen Kroon.

In combi class 6 from 8 finished their  601 km. task .GOOD!Winner; Steven Raimond...1000 points!

10380903_10203668100286105_6697109111348333737_n  10311933_10203668104886220_3500835850946796619_n

Finish from Peter in the ARCUS M. and daily winner Steven in the ASW 27
Pictures courtesy Jeroen Kroon.

In open class 3 out of 10 and the distance from the other pilots was still substantial ; the pilot on the last spot still flew 610 km. whilst some flew 692, others  642. Winner Rene de Dreu.....1000 points!

Z 4t

Finish from runner up in open class Mark Wering in the NIMBUS 4T
Courtesy Jeroen Kroon.
NK Zweefvliegen2014@Glidingpictures.com


Z rene

Shared by Johan.

The full story on this historic day , with the longest ever task during a National Championship here in Holland is on www.soaring.eu

I  guess that all pilots after 3 days of rain will be happy to fly tomorrow and Friday again; that's the last day then and on  those days I will be there!


The HAHNWEIDE comps had a real good Sunday as well, but a tough one too. 1000 points in all classes, but  in each classes also several out-landings or pilots who flew back ' home' after they abandoned their task! Interesting to see that Mac won in 15 m. class before former World Champion Wolfgang who was 2d. Also very interesting the 3 top places in 18 m. by 1 Dutch and 2 Belgium pilots. Marco, our former crew member in the 70 thies/ 80thies , now a colleague from my daughter at TRANSAVIA, won the day in his JS 1, followed by my Belgium friends Bert and Tijl.
AND,...good on her ....Katrin Senne was 4th.

In open class Marcus Frank flew his Quintus to the 1000 points flying the 425 km. with a speed of 104 km./h. The runner up Holger Karow,  " only" had 99.5 km. On day 1 in the 2-seater-class it was the ARCUS M winning, ... on day 2 the ARCUS T.

On Monday the message was:

"The briefing is over. The standard class and the doubleseater  are canceled. We're waiting how the weather will develop in the next few hours."


"The cloudbase is too low and the chance of flying is to small to fly a task today, so we have cancelled all classes right now. We wish all the pilots and crews a nice day!" 

On Tuesday it still rained!Another nice day was wished and indeed as I saw they VISITED nice places.  But today there is hope! There is still overcast but 18 m and 15m can prepare for the day and the standard class and 2 seaters are stand by at the parking area. More next Sunday.


Last Friday, during the opening briefing of this National Championship in 2 classes,  the BGA Gold Medal for services to gliding was awarded to Wally Kahn,  by Pete Harvey.

"Wally , a elderly statesman is a pivotal member of the Lasham Soaring Society." was said.

The UK Nationals started with a scrubbed day on Saturday but Sunday was good as well and had the "usual"  open class pilots at the top positions on this day 1;
Andy Davis, Pete Harvey and Russell Cheetham, all flying JS 1C.

Interesting as well, NO out-landings on this day with 409.6 km.in this class and speed by the 3 best; 117 km./h 114 and 110.  Shaun Lapworth the commentator from the final FAI GRAND PRIX in Sisteron was on a nice 7th spot in his JS 1.

In standard class the 1000 points on day 1 were for Jay Rebbeck flying the LS 8 over 424.3 km. Jez Hood and Howard Jones got 994 and 993 points. All flew with a speed of 100 km./h. Allison Mulder, who flew with us in the past, was the last pilot to finish with a speed of 65 km./h.Good on her!Quite a few ladies fly in these championships!!! 8 From 34 pilots in total out-landed!

On Monday ALL classes were scrubbed.That happened again on Tuesday. Also for today NO FLYING! I think that we have here in Holland GREAT soaring-photographers!!!!  I hope they ALL participate in the SOARINGCAFE contest.The rules are on the site!!!

Off to Terlet tomorrow and more news on Sunday, with the story from last Sundays daily winner Rene de Dreu who flew the 701 km. just under 7 hours in his ASG 29/18m.!" A tough day" he called it.

CU then! Cheers Ritz

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