Day 8 @ Sisteron; updated… 5 pilots in race to become WORLD CHAMPION, but first a wrap-up from day 7.

10 AM. What a great day for Didier !!!!! After his out landing the day before he started refreshed and with a GOAL on day 7. Good on him! Flying high and conservative and making speed when he could.

Z Didier winner of day 7

Didier , before departure on day 7.

Great day as well for the German pilots. Tilo and Uli had a real racing day becoming 8 and 7 points for their efforts. Also Kai flew with the leaders even on top of the pack , but lost some kilometers on the way.Only sad for Robert that he went " aux vaches".

Z Tilo  Z Uli 2

Tilo and Uli as seen  by the official photographers.
As shared on FB.


Poor Bruce, he had a BAD day, not only because he out landed but even more because he was attacked several times by the farmer from the land he landed on! Even punched to the head IN his cockpit.
Good to hear that police arrived to sort it out! Bruce and the glider were OK. Pffftttt......
The Taylor's reaction :
" You will have heard that Bruce has been assaulted by a French farmer. Can I just say that the GP organisation jumped into action for us, contacted the police, sent someone from the club to assist with the gendarmerie and helped as much as they could. The gendarmerie were very helpful, as was a neighbour. Thank you to all for assistance and help. This is very shocking, but the GP organisation have been great. Thank you.

I guess it is from all times, It's not the first time and  it will not be the last time, BUT seriously...being  punched IN the cockpit is going TOO FAR!!!!
On the other hand how many great warm welcoming farmers we have had?!
This was just a very unlucky situation. In 20 years Bruce and Anita tell their grand children about this first and then about the races.
Luckily the Aussies can joke about it again and stick together. Tom mentioned this morning ;
" Team Claffey fighting fit - 9 hrs sleep seems to have worked miracles with sore feet & heads - look out any French farmer who wants to take us on today!" 


Tom had an eventful day, going fast as a rocket and in the lead..... loosing time to find lift on the slope of the brick mountain he had to get over....going through a small gap in the end .....and then shows up on 5th spot. Good on him.Here is his story.

Good day for me, great start and off in front, really needed a climb heading for the 3rd turn but had to creep up Morgon mountain, after a dozen or more beats along the ridge Didier and a few others came over the top. Once up I had an incredible 4th leg and a great ridge run. Low around the bottom turn going for broke as there were 4-5 above me. Even Brian Spreckley was impressed as I came up past the town for 5th spot. Here are a few photos of the day." 

Here are his pictures to start with a selfie whilst being VERY busy flying as well. A man of many talents.

Z tom selfie

Z Tom 7 1  Z Tom 7 2

IN the glider!!!!!!
Courtesy Tom

And the winners from day 7!

Z Winners from day 7

Courtesy team SGP

Piotr from Poland is really VERY  kind to translate for me what's written by Sebastian in his blog. Very grateful for that!Here is his  "free" interpretation;

according to Sebastian's site (narrated by Tomasz, [Sebastians dad as you will know], the weather today was quite interesting.
East wind at higher altitude,
west wind closer to the ground, and about anything possible in between. The result was a convergence lift, but in hard to predict places.

Didier and his party were apparently very good in predicting the lift areas produced by convergence and raced fast. Sebastian again had chosen to fly high instead, using very strongly working CUs. It had
worked well for him for a while, he kept up. Then the CUs (TCUs by this time? CBs?) started snowing, one of them over the turnpoint .

At this point Sebastian says he felt he had to maintain an extra altitude margin against the risk of  spoiling of the aerodynamic efficiency of the glider by possible snow/ice buildup on the way to the finish. He did burn off this reserve on final, but still came well behind."

Cu you later in the last blog about the FAI SGP in Sisteron.
5 Pilots in the race to win the title WORLD CHAMPION.
Didier , Sebastian, Bruce, Uli and Giorgio.

Till later.

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