Day 6 at Sisteron! “Again it was Bruce’s day!”

10.30 AM; They welcomed us with the message that it was a sunny good morning, but windy again. Graham called  yesterday  " a blustery gnarly sort of a day ,where I was tossed around as much as any flight I can remember, great fun though!"

Z Day 6ready to go

Giorgio ready to go to the grid.
Courtesy Aussie team

Task for today is the biggest till now; 290.7 km.first to Serres up N. then about 70 km. direction South, from there 27 km. to the West and then 64.7 km. to the East, back over Sisteron to the West again with 66.3 km to go and then from there to the check point South and back home.
On the SGP site they said:"Today's task (290 km) is a variation of yesterday's, since we all enjoyed ourselves so much watching that race!" 

Z Day 6

12.00; It was great to follow the briefing on video, you even feel more part of it.Less wind then yesterday and dryer air, was the message from Brian and it finished with "fly safe and with respect" .

1.PM; the launch would not start earlier so time for shopping and lunch.  ;gate opens at 14.30.
Uli has a camera in the glider, so that should be good and could be interesting.
Shaun walking around on the grid again, was an interesting extra today as well.I know most pilots hate to see editors or interviewers before they start  as they need to concentrate on their preparations, but today he was early, so most pilots were ready for him.
So we got to know that some pilots were " scared" yesterday and more busy to keep their selves and the glider in good order over those ridges with the terribly bumpy circumstances, rather then with the speed or winning the day.All pilots believed in a better day today, with more flying over the valleys.An interesting task! Thermalling over the flat, racing the ridges it's all there, they all call it a bit of a tricky day, yesterday some called chaotic.Mike was the easiest with words "  I want to start first and finish first!"

Z Giorgio interview  Z Giorgio and Bruce

Italian GP-hero Giorgio  interviewed and with Aussie hero Bruce
Courtesy Anita.


They do everything for good coverage ...TOP!!!!
Courtesy site

The top 3 overall after 5 days with 3 days to go is;
1.Sebastian with 31 points.Great to hear the damage was just minor and he FLIES today!!!!!!
2.Didier with 26 points
3.Giorgio with 22 points followed by Bruce with 20, Uli with 16, Rene with 13 ,Roman with 12 and Laurent with 11, Graham with 10 and John with 9 points.

2.30; They are on their way. For the first time they stay more or less together right after the start. Only Nicolas went by himself and managed to lead the pact just before Bruce.Then some " shocking"  news as they think Didier has out landed not long after the start. No sign on the tracker anymore. But it does n't have to be , it might just have stopped. Hope, hope ?? He is 2d overall!!! But ,...ouch he indeed out landed!!!!Feel sorry for him!But all was OK.
Graham  motored back to Sisteron, after having being low.

Sebastian and Uli turn the first way point Serres first. Bruce followed  so did the pilots from Chili, Rene and Carlos and now they are on their way for 70 + km...... DOWN wind! The expectation is that they can have very good lift on this track, good clouds were visible and  according to Eric they will go fast.

3.15 PM ;have to leave you for half an hour as I expect a guest and have to pick him up.Bruce leads a bit lower at 1400 ,Thomas follows and a few more...... all climbing up to over 1800 m. including Petr who is in this leading bunch.They will be busy anyhow.

3.45; Back on track.Bruce still in the lead and Nicolas is doing well. It seems he is already for 12 years an instructor at St.Auban as Didier is or was,  at least was.So he KNOWS the mountains.
Bruce seems to fly as a FRENCH pilot even better they joke,he keeps speed and is not TOO close to the ridge.Amazing to see him race over the track.Brian even said that he " makes it look easy " but it takes years to fly like this and you need to learn first at places as Sisteron or St Auban.

4.PM; Everybody sounds happy, such great weather, such good lift. Giorgio went on his own over the East route it might be better but that you only know later.
Nicolas about 7 km. behind Bruce together with Roman and Kai.Height from these pilots; 1726,1828, 1845,1861m.
Interesting to hear Brians opinion about Nicolas. As an instructor he teaches new-to-be-pilots to stay high, as he does by himself. If he would have been a competition pilot , he might fly different.

According to Brian the route from Giorgio will be not the best one as he is too far from the track.He is at 2000 m. though.Though Bruce is at 2560 to the 4th TP Dormillouse and is there at 4.09. Nicolas follows another track ,Bruce goes more North of track, looking for a good climb and finds one.He takes a more conservative way , whilst Nicolas looks to go straight , though a bit South on track.
Kai turned later but higher at 2800 m.
On the way Bruce flies with a speed of 220 km.h., whilst Nicolas took time to climb up to 2450 m. Bruce was at 1300 m. Nicolas however went more straight on track. High enough Nicolas chased Bruce crossing the valley.Nicolas was about 1000 m higher and about 10 km. behind.

They passed Sisteron on the way to the next TP and it was really funny to see Didier still on the screen. WHY???? He drove the glider back to Sisteron in the trailer.
A joke-reaction from a viewer;" Hauss is driving at 75km/h. All good, he's under speed limits".

4.36 ;Bruce turned the last TP and only the checkpoint South and a good height of 50 to pass the line are waiting for him and I guess Anita with a cool glass of beer. It seems HIS RACE again. But I should wait till he is in!!!
At 4.11,he WAS IN!!!Speed about 135 km./h.NO penalty points!!!!So he wins his 3d day.
Nicolas was 2d no penalty points either and a speed of 130.8 km they estimate.
Roman follows  and is 3d.
Uli and Rene are following in some nack -and- neck and also Tilo follows.He might be even faster.
Sebastian unfortunately had not a good run.,anyhow better than Didier.

Another SUPER DAY.Look for all scores at 

5.01 ; Sebastian finishes and Laurent. No points today for Didier and Sebastian so we will see some chances in the top.

CU tomorrow Cheers Ritz

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  1. Piotr Szafranski
    May 14, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Sebastian commented ( that at some stretches the lifts looked iffy to him, so he purposely flew conservatively (higher). It turned out pricey.

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