Video – Soaring the Himalayas with Sebastian Kawa

Thanks to reader John Koch for recommending this video. Released on February 18th, it features spectacular videos of world champion Sebastian Kawa soaring an ASH-25Mi over the Himalayas. The first six minutes of the 17 minute video highlights the sights and sounds of Annapurna, Nepal, where Kawa's team (and other pilots) were based during their exploration of these mighty mountains. Enjoy!

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  1. Thomas Vallarino
    March 6, 2014 at 10:26 am

    Stunning Video. Very well put together and edited. I enjoyed the Nepalese cultural aspect as well as the stunning Himalaya footage. That gimbal camera on the glide provides a perspective I have not seen before in any glider video. Very well done technically, story telling and editing. You could make a nice high quality documentary out of this material.

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