Canola Fields around Lübeck: YouTube Video by Hans-Werner Grosse

The German soaring community is delighted to find some first videos published by the master of long flights! Hans-Werner Grosse and his wife Karin are currently taking advantage of the long Northern German winter to put their video material online. The first movie is a 3-minute film without words showing the pretty and bright yellow canola fields around their home base in Lübeck.

A second movie is also available online: You can follow the Grosses flying their ETA during an extended task (500 km: Lübeck – Havelberg – Friedland – Wittenberge – Lübeck) in marginal weather on August 9th of 2013. Karin comments the flight, explains about the weather, the area and the decision-making process. She speaks German… Hans-Werner adds some technical data using the map. Please try to follow their flight on OLC here. The movie is great for those who understand the language but it is also interesting to see how soaring in the flat despite many greyish clouds is still possible. Enjoy!

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