Mitch Polinsky Sets Three U.S. Soaring Records in One Flight!

Readers may recall a recent post summarizing an OLC interview by Elke Fuglsang-Petersen with U.S. pilot Mitch Polinsky who, at that time, had flown six 1000K plus FAI triangles in eight days (he later added a seventh). Well, the indefatigible Polinsky apparently doesn't know when to quit. He notified us last week that on July 19th, he bashed around another long triangle and set three U.S. national records for good measure!

As we write, Mitch stands sixth in the world in the OLC Championship, currently led by U.S. pilot Jim Payne and second in the U.S.

Here's his comment accompanying the OLC claim:

Declared 1070.3 km triangle. Triangle task speed was 139.01 km/h. Will submit for three U.S records in single-seat motorglider category: declared triangle distance; declared three TP distance; and 1000 km triangle speed.