Schleicher Announces the ASG 32 (Update with Photos)

Alexander Schleicher has just announced their newest design.  From their website,

Sailplane pilots worldwide have noticed, that there is a gap between the basic flight Trainer ASK 21 and the Open class two seaters in the Schleicher product range.  A new 20m two-seater will now close this gap.

asg32 logoIntroducing:


NX part: ASG 32 3D

Next to our ASK 21 trainer and our new ASH 30 Mi Open Class high performance glider, we are now introducing the ASG 32 - a totally new design specifically tailored for the very popular 20 Meter FAI Two-seater Class. The ASG 32 is just as much for the ambitious competition pilot, as it is for clubs and recreational pilots due to its wide range of options and engine variants.

NX part: ASG 32 3D The base model of the ASG 32 is a pure sailplane with a four-piece wing, plus snap-on winglets. Of course, automatic control connections are factory standard and so is the integrated engine bay for a low-cost engine retrofit at a later stage.

The self launching version is called ASG 32 Mi. It is equipped with the well known rotary engine from Austro Engines which features fuel injection and electronic mixture control. This 56 hp power plant is a refinement of the engine which has already been fitted to more than 500 Schleicher gliders. It has a reputation for low fuel consumption, extremely smooth running, simple engine operation and very low noise emissions.

For pilots favouring a sustainer (or turbo) engine we also have a solution. It is called ASG 32 EL and it comes with a newly developed electric propulsion system. Although it is not suitable for self launching it can safeguard against outlandings with a extremely simple engine user interface. Other advantages are a minimum of maintenance requirements and low noise.


NX part: ASG 32 3D Extract from the standard equipment

  • Automatic control connections
  • Retractable, rubber-shock-mounted landing gear (380 x 150 mm) with hydraulic disc brake
  • Aerotow release in the cockpit nose
  • Hinged instrument panel (attached to the front hinged canopy)
  • Ventilation by air inlet in the cockpit nose and anti fogging system for both canopies
  • Independently controllable air vents in front and rear cockpit
  • Integrated engine bay with engine bay doors, engine retrofit possible
    Transponder antenna in the fin
  • Multi probe in the fin
  • Battery support in the fin
  • Control surface gaps of wings and tail sealed by Mylar tapes
  • Mechanically operated waterballast system
  • Seat cushions with fabric coating and on-bord case in both cockpits
  • Two-component paint, white (T35)
  • Registration number painted

Extract from the optional equipment

  • High-grade acrylic paint (two-component-system)
  • Water tank in the fin
  • Bug wiper garage
  • Strobe light in the nose of the vertical fin
  • Tinted canopies
  • Solar cells integrated into engine bay doors
  • Steerable, retractable tail wheel
  • Removable wheels at the wing tips
  • Additional fuel tank in the wing
  • Engine control in the rear cockpit
  • Exhaust port to increase the cockpit ventilation
  • Cockpit leather interior
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