Flying with the Champions! Prievidza ! AERO in Friedrichshafen !!

The famous AERO starts this week on April 24 [to Saturday 27 ] in Friedrichshafen in Germany. It is THE big event in aviation... THE International Market for Aircraft Sales.

The Global Show for Aviation it's called as well.

There will be 600 exhibitors from 28 countries,an expected 30.000 visitors from ALL over the world and about 600 journalists from 31 nations.
I can tell you already now that Ludwig and Wolfgang from FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS, will be there as well, as guests sharing a bit of  the Schempp-Hirth exhibition- stand with Tilo. So whenever you are there you can talk to the "boys".

The newest of the newest will be available there , but also used aircraft will be for sale. for the latest details!

"FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS" !  You remember I wrote about this new concept a while ago. It 's about a VERY special training event in Namibia in Kiripotib and starts this season in November.
Organized by Ludwig Starkl and Wolfgang Janowitsch, within the scope of their recently established business  Rent-a-Glider, eight former World- and European Champions spontaneously agreed to share their experience as coaches.

Ludwig-Starkl1  WolfgangJanowitsch1

Ludwig and Wolfgang

Amongst them 5 World Champions  sometimes multiple, even triple as Janus Czenka, who was 3 times European Champion as well and 3 European Champions. The target was to get a group of experienced cross country pilots or even competition pilots, aiming for exchange of knowledge and  improvement of their skills on a very high level.

We have five Arcus M, one Arcus  E and two ASH 25 as our training gliders, I am sure there is worldwide no other event with such a big Arcus fleet.

What is the status now at this moment!?
"From our 14 places we have sold 10 already, there are only two to three in the first (1. – 7. Nov.) and the same in the second block (8. – 14. Nov.) available.

 Our trainees are coming from the whole world, we have one Pilot from Brasil, three from Holland, three from Germany, two from Switzerland and one from Austria. We have pilots who participated at the last WGC in Uvalde and we have pilots with no competition experience. So a wide range of skill, which makes it very interesting, also for the champions. All of us are looking forward to an outstanding event."

So when ever you are interested to be part of this spectacular training you have to be quick and you can see all details  on




Nitra was unlucky with the weather, Prievidza has started with a cancelled day but then the 119 pilots in 3 classes had a few days of  good soaring with 300 km. AAT's, but also just 1.45 ones.  Who will win the Flight Challenge Cup 2013??? There are a lot of very good pilots in this competition, so it will be pretty interesting!  Today day 6 , out of 8 till now , the mixed class has a 2.20 AAT, Club 2.15 and 15 m. class 2.20 as well.  After 5 days the overall scores for mixed class are; Roman Mracek in the ASG 29E /18m. with 3956 points just ahead of Pavol Cerny, not unknown for most of you with 3938 points flying the Ventus 2CT/18m. and French pilot Christophe Cousseau in the JS 1 with 3926 points.
Sebastian Kawa is at spot 8.

In club class the Cirrus is doing a great job. The first 3 places are at this stage for this type with Boris Zorz on top with 3658 points, followed by Gunnar Axelsson from Sweden [ 3609] and Jan Boruvka with 3604 points.

In 15 m. Miloslav Cink is on top flying the LS 8a [ 3807] JUST ahead of JD Barrois [ ASW 27] from France [ 3800]  and Zbigniew Nieradka from Poland flying the LS 8 [3748] with another French pilot Christophe Ruche at his heels with  3736 points.  With another week to go EVERYTHING in PRIEVIDZA is possible!  When you want to keep an eye on the scores please go to

Noticed the official poster of the WWGC in Issoudun on internet and love it!!! Here it is!

WWGC 2013


Lot's of comps at the moment so enjoy looking at the sites! Also great soaring weather in Holland.  Yesterday 8 Dutch pilots flew between 600 and 700 km. and placed their selves in the top 25 from the OLC world wide! Today here is overdevelopped at places and blue but I noticed 19 dgr. on a high pole in Amsterdam.  We are getting there!

Spend the weekend in Amsterdam and saw for the first time a REAL top soccer game in a big stadium; LOL and goosebumps, not only from the cold. [1 dgr]

Cheers Ritz
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