Three Brand New DG-1001Club Fly with the Indonesian Air Force

Last flight before the storm moves in

Last flight before the storm moves in

In early 2012, after DG Flugzeugbau in Bruchsal had delivered the last of 19 DG-1001Club gliders for the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the German glider manufacturer got busy building more of these fine training ships.

In November 2011, the Indonesian Air Force had ordered three two-seaters for their training facilities in Jog-Jakarta. One year later the gliders were shipped to Indonesia and Stefan Göldner, DG’s Head of Marketing and Sales, was elected to travel to “Jogja”. His job was to first ensure the safe unloading and rigging of the precious composite material on the Air Force’s airport facilities. Secondly, Stefan had to perform three check flights with the brand new gliders in front of the Air Force’s staff.

The northern European glider pilot enjoyed escaping from the German winter and appreciated the tropical temperatures in Jogja. However, unloading and rigging at more than body temperature and with a humidity of almost 100% was torturous. But the views over the unfamiliar tropical landscape with thousands of small buildings spread around innumerable paddy fields then drew his emotions.

Unfortunately he could not do any extended XC flights, not just because outlandings seemed to be impossible … Stefan was on duty and busy introducing the Indonesian instructors to their new work place. Also the Indonesian weather conditions did not really allow for long runs. Every afternoon, big storms begin to build up, and the rain which falls each day keeps the terrain continuously wet and green. Three American built Schweizer SGS 2-33s will now retire from the Indonesian Air Force, and give way to new high performance ships, which the Indonesian glider pilots will hopefully enjoy.

The pilots had no problems getting used to the new two-seaters, but still couldn’t believe the never before seen opportunities offered by the DG 1001Club. Stefan’s full size story is available on DG Flugzeugbau’s web page. Check it out and enjoy his pics!