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The joint program of cooperation and Edessa Aeroclub Aeroclub Bitola "Mirco Todorovski" FYROM , Officially launched this week, having signed financing agreements with the Managing Authority of the Programme which represents Greece and the European Union.

The NAC Edessa in collaboration with NAC Bitola "Mirco Todorovski" of F. Y. R. O. M., Had submitted a joint proposal for cooperation to develop cross-border activities in the field of tourism aerathlitikou in May 2012. The joint cooperation proposal submitted for funding from the cross-border program IPA «Greece - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013" is a cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme INTERREG III, co-funded by the European Union. The program focuses on promoting sustainable economic and social development in border regions and supporting cooperation to address common challenges in various areas.

The program was approved for full funding by the European Union with a total amount of Euro 1,097,814

This includes, in part to be implemented by the Edessa Aeroclub airport, and funded to the tune of 502,615 Euros:

  • The construction of hangar 800 sq.m.
  • The purchase of a modern two-seater sailplanes and performance of a modern glider blasting machine for modernizing Gliding School and aerathlitikou promote tourism in the region,
  • Creating Aerathlitikou Museum, housed in the hangar area above 300 m and the formation of non-sheltered outdoor air museum area 1,500 sq.m.
  • The implementation of joint actions with aerathlitikon Aeroclub Bitola as Air Sports events (Air show) at the two airports Aeroclub, Anemoporikous Games, Air Sports camp operation at the airport in Edessa Aeroclub for children up to 15 years old from Macedonia, and training instructors gliding from Edessa Aeroclub for the development of gliding in Macedonia.

On the side of the Aeroclub Bitola, funded to the tune of 595,199.53 Euro will go to projects to upgrade the airport located in Logovardi next to Bitola (Monastir). The upgrade will include the formulation of apoprosgeiosis aisle aircraft, upgrading and modernization of the airport buildings to accommodate various needs Air Sports, and maintenance of aircraft and aerathlitikou hardware. In the event, they will be, respectively, the same with those that will implement the NAC Edessa.

The above activities and procurements will be completed by both institutions, with the tight schedule of the program in 18 months. Already next week Edessa Aeroclub is ready to launch a public international tender for the purchase of the two-seater sailplanes aftoapogeioumenou performance budget of Euro 168,416 and a modern Machine Launch Glider budget 71,400 Euros. Will follow the tender for the construction of 800 m² hangar Budget of 203,099 Euros.

With the implementation of the above program, the Edessa Aeroclub faithful to the statute objective is the dissemination and development of gliding in Greece, operating koinofelos non-profit 38-plus years in the region, aims to contribute decisively in the development of mountain tourism Edessa, promoting alternative forms of tourism

The Board of Edessa Aeroclub

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