Europeans Travel by Glider: Plan Your 2013 XC Trip

Travel by Glider Logo GroßDespite a probable late start of the Northern European soaring season, plans are being made for the upcoming summer of 2013. Chris Klein, a German glider pilot, used the winter months to develop a web page for European glider pilots where they can find out about open glider fields throughout the summer and so plan for a special soaring vacation, hopping from airfield to airfield. Traveling by glider has become more and more popular in Germany, and during the last few seasons pilots started crossing borders to meet new people around Europe. offers all the needed information for those who want to fly cross country from one place to another. All clubs that wish to participate and maybe host some soaring buddies are asked to fill in their information. Traveling pilots can then plan where to fly for a warming campfire. Information about launching possibilities is of course crucial, but you can also browse the database for a place to sleep, something to eat and where to replenish your supplies. Download waypoints to your navigation system and make sure you always know where to fly.

The more participating clubs and airfields, the more options for traveling pilots. If the weather is not cooperative, pilots will be able to look for an alternate field. Outlandings can so be minimized.

Chris has been dreaming of an offer like this during the last couple of years. A year ago he developed, a great tool to find out which way to take. This platform’s purpose is to exchange information of thermal quality and wave locations in flatland areas and mid-sized-mountains. All data is included in just one map, which can be used for a first draft of your travel plans. Combined with “Travel by Glider,” you’ll only have to watch out for good weather and take off for an exciting glider trip across Europe!