Up to 45 dgr.???

Tocumwal Library on Saturday January 5 2013

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At 9.30 it was already HOT! Though clouds were forecasted for today , I only saw some high cirrus at 9.30 , there is nearly no wind and mostly clouds pop up a bit later on a day like this, so between 10 and 11 but you can start at 10, fly to the clouds up north and connect there. I guess I felt dry thermals already this early. Let’s wait what the day will bring.

Yesterday was hot as well. It looked I was the only one walking throught the streets. Nobody else walking in that nice hot sun. All jump out of their aircondionated car , rushing into the aircondionated shop.

Did not visit the airport as I was too busy with other things, but noticed lot’s of gliders came back around and after 6.
While being in town I caught up with a friend who arrived from Finland. He did his check with Eddie already and was all set to go in his glider. Like Pam and Gerrit, Butch and Pam, he will be here the same period as I am.

Had no time to show you the beauty of Sportaviations gardens, so I do that now.

January 3 2013 003 January 3 2013 010

January 3 2013 013

And here is young Jake the tuggie from Sportaviation.

January 3 2013 002  January 3 2013 014

Have to start writing for soaringcafe now, so see you on Tuesday when the library is open again. Have a nice weekend, Cheers Ritz

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