Several 1000 km. flights and records from Tocumwal! What -a-day!!!???

Eddie and Cheryl’s reception- area at the airfield on January 6 2013

What a day yesterday!!!!
While  I enjoyed lunch at Margies, with Bracey and Deslee and Don and dinner in the evening with Gina, Bob, An, Stuart and Bob and Helen, temperatures raised to 46.6 dgr. in the shade and over 50 in a car , but….. pilots had the day of their lives , flying 1000 km. and or records!
I guess I never felt so warm as yesterday. It really was hot! And what’s more ,….great clouds popped up and what’s even better the lift was strong [ not everywhere however] and up to 15.000 ft.

When I arrived at the field this morning I was happily surprised by the happy pilots and their records. Caught up with Mac who flew yesterday a new Japanese record here in Tocumwal over a 100 km. triangle  with a SPEED OF 176 KM./PH.

Vliegveld 006

Mac Ichikawa

Just said hello to Ib and a new Danish pilot for Tocumwal, Werner  and both are going to fly the Janus CT. Hopefully more good Danish records for them.

Vliegveld 009

Ib and Werner

Missed out on Matthew Scutter who I never met, but hoped to meet this morning, but,..I was too late he left for Benalla already. No worries I will see him in Benalla.BUT another 1000 km. for him in his LS 4!!! Great young pilot!
Loved his comment!
—”Sometimes when when the weather won’t come to you , you have to go to it.1000km. flight in a trough? PRICELESS!—”

Another happy pilot was Rolf Buelter who flew on the last full day of his visit to Tocumwal his VERY FIRST 1000 the LS 8 T /18m
“In fact it was an easy day , but between Jerilderie and Narrandera I had no lift what- so-ever,totally dead air,  so I continued and got into good air again, to even better and coming back from Hay he was in the best air ever, no doubt!—”
Rolf was only 7 days here as part of the Geelong Gliding club and had a great time.Most of the members have left now, some are packing their last gear.

Vliegveld 007

Rolf Buelter

Butch [John Buchanan] flew 7 Australian records in ONE flight!!!!With a speed of 162 km./h he raced in a 15 m. glider over a 750 Out and Return. Meaning records over 750 for 15m., 18m., and open, 500 km. O and R. for 15, 18 and open and a 300 O and R -record for 15 m. class. Well done! He reached the trough line after 200 km N of here. Connected to the very good weather N of it and flew back with great circumstances with the influence of the through till about 80 km. from Toc and arrived back without a problem.

Vliegveld 010

John Buchanan “Butch”

Number- 2- 1000 km. flight for Terry Ryan and he was extremely happy with that. ” 14.000 ft. and the 3 vario’s stuck on the top ” that was the high- light for him yesterday.
More records as a female record for Pam

Good to see Terry Bellair flew a 1000  from Corowa in his DG 400/17m. topping the OLC list, yesterday,  where another 5 pilots flew a 1000 as well. Also Benalla had a top day with Bob Nichols flying a 1000 in the Ventus 2c. Pilots there are totally fired up for the multi -class-nationals.
From Wangaretta, not far from here also a nice 1000 by good old Roger Druce, in the ARCUS. I quote his comment!
—”The most incredible trough line that I have ever experienced.  15,300 feet and cloudbase still above!!
If only Richard and I had more experience on the Arcus, we could add more distance.—”

Also great to see that my Lasham friends Patrick and Roy flew a 1000 from Bitterwasser.

What happened more here in Australia/ Tocumwal on Saturday?
—It was the funeral of one of the icons from Tocumwal! ELAINE BATES!
She and her husband Duncan were VERY good for Tocumwal.” Batesscrew” [pumps]  is the business offering lots of jobs to locals and Elaine started the Antique shop which daughter Lynne runs now.
Elaine just missed out on her birthday on January 14. She died on January 2 [ was born in 1927]  and had a private funeral.
—Roger Federer arrived in Melbourne
—Very bad fires hit Tasmania, 100 properties have been destroyed and thousands of people were trapped by the fire. It will be days before it will be out as the fire is in in dry and heavy forest. Luckily no casualties!
That’s it for now , more about the 750 Out and Return - records from Pam tomorrow as I just missed her.

Cheers Ritz


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