XG – after 2012 Worlds

We are back at home in Canada after two and half day drive.

Our Uvalde hotel lost email connection in three two days.

I didn't have full access to tasks results and possibility to

analyze opponents traces for last two days, I just used

information from others. I assumed that weather briefing is

accurate .

The weather on the last day of flying wasn't very promising as

high clouds were moving in and just couple short lived Cu's were

popping around.

Before start we had hard time to climb to start altitude as

fast approaching Cirrus from NW didn't work in our favor, I met

with Dave and we started together at the same time.

When we were ready to start most of competitors were on course.

First leg with with low cloud base and fake clouds wasn't good

sign , but deviation made to the North paid off and we had to

thermal just to improve our altitude.

At the end of the first leg, very dark Cumulus clouds under full

Cirrus worked and next leg looked better and better with

beautiful cloud street leading to the next turn area.

Then suddenly our cloud street merged with new cloud street

leading back to Uvalde , flying extra 20 km put us in to perfect

position to make the last turn .

Around 67 km from home I was able to center 10 kt thermal to

which Dave arrived just 1 minute later . Couple turns and I was

on final glide finishing task with average task speed of 150km/h

which gave me win for the day.

It was my second win in this contest, but mistakes in other days

cost me a lot and I finished 8 th after 13 days of flying.

I think it was the best day in history of Canadians flying in

World Championships, two Canadian pilots taking first and

second place of the day.

It was one of the most demanding contests for the pilots and


Pilots had chance to cool down under cloud base, but crews had to

stay on the ground in full heat till pilots were on the course

and then after couple hours of rest in cool hotel room they had

to work in heat and dust to help returning pilots.

Conditions were very harsh on our gliders and cars as well,

picture shows dusty engine compartment after 3 weeks in Uvalde..

Maria my wife/crew helped me with glider preparation and all

daily tasks. In addition I had comfort of second crew, volunteer

Dan Daly who helped me with glider preparation before and after


Ed Hollestelle our team manager took care of all administrative

and team related problems in addition he was working hard to

give the pilots current information about weather and position

of other competitors while we were on course.

Thank you All

Jerzy Szemplinski XG