Ritz – Our WGC Blogger Extraordinaire!

Ritz has been doing an extraordinary job throughout WGC 2012, keeping us all updated on what's happening at the WGC in Uvalde, almost minute-by-minute. Even better, she frequently adds her personal insights into the mix, based on decades of experience in soaring and her vast network of friends in the sport.

Ritz has been heavily involved in soaring for decades. She has served as a steward and juror for previous world gliding championships and as team captain for the Dutch soaring team. From 1996 through 2006, Ritz and her then husband operated Sportavia in Tocumwal, Australia, which was the largest gliderport in the world, and one of the most luxurious and well-appointed.

When Ritz is not blogging for the WGC, she maintains her own blog at soaring.eu and posts excerpts to the Soaring Café on Sundays. She writes a column for John Roake's bi-monthly magazine, Gliding International, which will also publish her story about the 2012 WGC in an upcoming issue.

We thought our Soaring Café audience might like to see Ritz in action, so we made this short video.

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  1. Frauke Elber
    August 17, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Nice to see Ritz in action. Great job

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