Nick’s day 12.

Nick, ST – Day 12, 17 Aug

It was shaping up to be a good day, but a radio call from the team captain put an end to it. “The 15m task is cancelled. There’s been a mid-air. Both pilots are OK. Return to base”. It puts things in perspective as I had a glider overtake me twice only a 100′ on the side at the same altitude, with the flarm beeping away and pointing backwards. You can’t move up, down, right or left, until the glider overtakes and you finally have a visual, or the flarm stops beeping. When in radio contact, it’s not a big deal, but with no radio contact, it’s not a good situation. With a long cloud street into wind and the next turn perfectly lined up on track it was going to be a great run, and I thought I’d go further for a little while, but I just turned for home. It was good to hear both pilots are OK, and my crew was going to be happy to see me back.