Rain Day 1 at CCSC Region 6 South Contest

As predicted, today was a bust in terms of weather.  The only good thing about the forecast was that it was pretty definite, and we were able to call the  day at the morning meeting without the need for holding pilots for a later check.  I spent the day running from pillar to post stamping out fires of one sort or another.  There was a problem with the radio in one of the towplanes, our mo-gas tank hadn't been filled as scheduled, and the scoring program was threatening to get the best of our scorer.  Who knew how complicated everything was behind the curtain at the typical soaring contest.  Here all this time I thought all the CD did was make a few noises at the morning meeting,  spend 10 minutes thinking up some disastrous task clearly based on weather somewhere else on the planet, and then spend the afternoon snoozing on the patio.  Now, too late, I find out there is actual work involved in this stuff!

Anyway, we got through the day with most crises either solved or on their way toward a solution, and I was able to relax a bit at the evening meal here - spaghetti and meat balls, salads, and some heavenly blueberry and peach cobblers.  I learned a trick tonight from ace XC pilot Don Burns (NC), who made sure to fill up a bowl with dessert *before* filling a plate with the entrée - that way he doesn't have to worry about finding nothing but scrapings left when he comes back for the goodies!

Popular weather forecast for tomorrow is for partly sunny with a high near 87, with just a 20% chance of precip over the period (down from 30% earlier), with winds less than 10kt out of the southwest.  With the forecast trending in the right direction, I am optimistic about getting our first day in tomorrow.


Stay tuned!


Frank (TA)

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