UPDATE: 16.00!Day 4.

As promised back with some more news.
The CAE/NLS Dutch Nationals will have, as it looks now ,  a champion not a winner, as this is day 4, which is good as over the last period we have n’t seen too many good days at comps in countries around us. But….First they have to fly-around today!
In the end they launched at 12.30 and then the tactics will start; Depart early, depart later knowing the weather, when will the thunderstorms arrive,  late like last Sunday or earlier.It’s only a very short task , I guess like here not too good visibility and blue or more grey.

Task on line via glidertracking!!

15.45; On the scoring carousel , click on “uitslagen” and live scoring at www.nkzweefvliegen.nl  you can see the start times from the pilots! A great system invented by Jasper Grannetia. Worked with it last year and it is just so good.
So having said that and looked at it on page 8, I noticed start times between 14.27 and 15.21!!!!!!But also one outlanding from LR Rob Looisen, [on page 9] who I know as a very good pilot. Mmm…Also heard that there was some noise from thunder..not good either, but we just have to wait and looking at the radar……from the East some heavy showers are arriving and pretty fast.

Showers building up around Utrecht  as seen enroute by  Philippe Hendrikx and put on FB. Thanks Frank!

Let’s hope the pilots do not have problems with them. And…we still might have to see if day 4 is a day!2d outlanding is a fact as well.
Back later!

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