They tried hard…it did not happen!Today it looks it will happen again.

 Flying today …YES
             picture; courtesy Oedske Osinga

Tuesday morning;
Unfortunately after postponing the launches,  the weather yesterday was still not good enough to fly. Lovely weather for BBQ and…. for what I did… sitting on a terrace in Amsterdam with 23 dgr., but pretty poor visibility. So another cancelled day, a pity, but that is soaring too.

 Waiting ….courtesy Oedske!

Today new possibilities and after the 10.30- briefing we know more!Lot’s of great pictures; look at above you see foto&video, if you click on it you see pictures from different photographers and I can tell you there are some great ones!


pictures courtesy Loe Baltussen.

Distances from  262 [club] ,308 [combi] and 359 km. for open class have been set for TODAY. On the news I saw that the rest of the week and the long weekend will have lovely weather with temperatures up to 28 dgr. , hope it will be good for soaring as well. If today is a day they need one more to make it a COMPETITION. Saturday will be the last day.

In Spain at Ocana they fly at the moment the UK Overseas Championship in open class with all kind of gliders and interesting is that they try out a new handicap system .Comps directors Brian Spreckley and Dick Bradley are /were not only good pilots but are hard workers to keep international soaring updated. You can read all procedures and the handicap factors in the download area from www.soaringspot over this competition. Have a look.

—A new handicap system will be used at this event, being a trial set up by the BGA Competition committee to correct the BGA handicaps to suit the conditions at Ocana rather than standard UK conditions for which the handicaps were intended.–”-

Their first day was cancelled but they had 2 days till now , one pretty miserable one but still with 2 finishers from 32, over a 2 hour AAT with 136.9 km in LS 6 [Frank Davis UK] and 177 .7 km. in [Gilles Navas Fr.] ]  ASG 29 . Then on day 2 , a 2.45 AAT with as best distance 355 km. with 127 km./h by French pilot Louis Bouderlique. 3 French on top in ASG 29, Ventus 2AX and ARCUS M.

Dick Bradley , now co- director in Ocana , in July Chief Steward in Uvalde.

Had a quick look for you at the OLC and they are all still flying well ,with 1000 km., flights from Wiener Neustadt in Austria. One in ASW 20 flown with first weak “Hang-wind”but later strong. Good effort also from the DG 800B pilot.
Off to Amsterdam again.
Cu tomorrow morning or later today ,depending….
cheers Ritz

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