Soaring-salut from Terlet!

The Dutch National gliding championships are at this stage in Arhem on the National Gliding Center Terlet. Interesting to see is how many of the WGC pilots now prepare for the comps .
Mac Ichikawa from Japan flew Fatraglide and rushed to Hahnweide to fly there as well and with succes as he won 3 of the 4 flyable days , sharing the LS 8 with Marco Barth.

Talking about Hahnweide the winner in 15 m. class David Bauder will be in Uvalde for the German team..
Both Holger Karow and Michel Sommer flew at Hahnweide in open class and also they will participate in Uvalde.
In 18 m. class Austrian Pilot Wolfgang Janowitsch [3] and UK pilot Russell Cheetham [1] performed well as well as Reinhard Schramme.[2] Russell will be in Uvalde as well.
So you see lot's of pilots are flying on pretty high level to be in good condition and spirit in Texas.
In Eskilstuna Börje Erikkson [Ventus 2] won with a small margin the Eskilstuna National Open 2012 before Ronny Lindell[LS 8] with unfortunately only 3 days of flying.It

In Italy Giorio Galetto won with more then 400 points ahead of runner up Luciano Avanzini,the Italian 18 m.Nationals. He clearly is ready!!
Greetings from Terlet have to rush again. CU next Sunday.
Leave you with 2 pictures from Loe Baltussen. One from a finish in front of the Thermiekbel[restaurant at Terlet]
And one of Ronald Termaat in the JS 1.


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