Sky and Earth

The Flight

Just an early spring flight to get back into the swing of things, very weak climbs, with the airfield shown being Lasham, UK.


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The Technique

A very different style of cropping; I normally try to crop all photos so that the horizon is aligned horizontally across the page, but in this case, the horizontal of the page has been matched to the wing, leaving the horizon in the picture dividing the shot in two diagonally. It’s a slightly different way of looking at things, and is especially helped by increasing the brightness and saturation to highlight the difference between the greens of the ground and the blue of the sky. It’s also important here to get the ratio of sky:ground as near to 1:1 as you can; the cropping has left the same ‘height’ of sky on the right as of the ground on the left.

Location: Lasham, UK

Glider: ASK-13

Camera: Drift HD170 Stealth