May 3rd Downwind Record Attempt Planned by Boettger & Bennett

From Gorgon Boettger:

We’ll be making another distance record attempt in the wave going downwind Thursday, May 3rd, launching at 0530L. Our goal is to get somewhere east of the Rockies. Rapid City, South Dakota would be fantastic. To follow our progress, click on the link below (altitudes will not be shown). Once again, the weather has to line up perfectly along the entire courseline, which is difficult, but we’ll give it our best.

To get altitudes and track (track not as accurate) you can go to and type in our callsign of N55LK in the far left column.

Our May 1st attempt did not pan out as the jet axis dipped below our route. Winds weakened the night before significantly, so we only got one climb south of Reno to 20,000′. We landed at Lovelock, NV, a decision I made since we couldn’t go much further anyway and we wanted to tow back to Minden to regroup for tomorrow.

Have fun tracking and hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more tomorrow.

Gordon Boettger