Concordia First Flight Video – and More Photos!

Here’s a video of Concordia’s first test flight on May 25, 2012. We’ve also included several photos that didn’t make it into our May 25th post. We apologize for the quality of the in-flight photos, which were extracted from a video taken from the tow plane. As anyone who’s tried air-to-air photography knows all too well, it’s tricky to get good stable shots without a lot of prior planning and experience. We hope to fly with Dick this spring and summer and get some better shots of the Concordia from our sailplanes. As we’re sure you can imagine, Concordia is a strikingly beautiful sight in its element.

On Friday, May 25th, Dick was aloft in Concordia for about four hours in his third and final test flight. He had planned to fly on Saturday, May 26th as well, but we haven’t heard anything from DB today. He may still be soaring as I write!


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