[HD Video] Gliders Playing Below Rim of Kolob Canyon, Utah

Gliding Kolob CanyonThis is the second of two videos I made shot over two days of soaring a few weeks ago. Launching from Hurricane, Utah a few high performance sailplanes explored the low altitude soaring potential of several southern Utah parks and landmarks. This video shows us enjoying the amazing red rock cliffs and deep gulleys of Kolob Canyon below the rim.

Many glider pilots have seen this amazing scenery while flying south out of Parowan but they are usually at 10,000+ feet above the terrain in this area trying to stay high and go fast on a long task. Normally, if you get low in this region you can quickly find yourself in big trouble. But with Hurricane airport being both downhill from Kolob and also within final glide of the rim of the canyon we had the rare opportunity of relaxing and enjoying flying low next to such mind boggling terrain with no other purpose than just to be there and enjoy the ride without worrying about making turn points or our average speeds. It was pure sightseeing from the advantage of the air.

This casual raw footage video is meant to be watched kicked back to enjoy the incredible scenery and potential for flying low over the rugged unforgiving desert. Sorry for the shaky hand holding of the camera (GoPro Hero2) but it does help you to get a sense of just how special flying over this area of the world really was. Hope you enjoy. Bruno - B4

Bruno Vassel

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  1. Ben Johnson
    March 28, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Hi Bruno,
    Nice work! I very much enjoy your stream of vids. By the way, I’m the guy who did the ride for my 98 y/o first cousin and am partner in a Duo D with Jim who you mentored during the 18-m Nationals. I’m just back from flying with Jim in the Seniors. We had a blast! Weather was excellent and I got some rather decent footage from inside with a couple of Hero2s. Wish I could have persuaded Jim to let me do a wing mount but he’s far more concerned with keeping the ship “clean”. I experimented with the head strap but found I did far too much head movement scanning the arena resulting in very short, jerky clips. I’ll probably be able to salvage some footage of gaggles from it but there will be a lot of waste. Time is my nemeses. This hits at the worst possible time to be able to sit down and edit….plus, “I never saw a frame I didn’t like” is a hurtle. Anyway, keep the good ones coming and fly safe! Best… Ben from VA

    • Bruno
      March 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for the great response. I can completely feel your pain when it comes to editing…and it shows in my videos. There is a reason why they stay simple and are longer than most because I also hate to cut out those frames. LOL. Please let us know if you post anything live. Would love to see. Take care too.
      Bruno – B4

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