SSA 2012 — Interview with Banquet Speaker Barry Schiff

The February 4th SSA Awards Banquet concluded with an address by Capt. Barry Schiff. Barry is a retired TWA airline captain, journalist, and author. He has compiled an extraordinary record of accomplishment in general and sport aviation. To recite them all would require a separate and quite lengthy post, but here are a few:

He holds five world speed records (one captured from the Soviet Union) and has received numerous honors for his many contributions to aviation safety. These include a Congressional Commendation, the Louis Bleriot Air Medal (France), Switzerland’s Gold Proficiency Medal, an honorary doctorate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and AOPA’s L. P. Sharples Perpetual Award. Capt. Schiff also has been inducted into the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and the EAA/NAFI National Flight Instructor’s Hall of Fame, and was recently elected as an Elder Statesman of Aviation by the National Aeronautic Association.

For more information about Barry, visit his Virtual Hangar at .