iGlide — iPhone Navigation for Glider Pilots

Butterfly Avionics has developed an impressive iPhone app for soaring pilots. iGlide is available in three different editions. From the simple and cheap lite edition to a full fledged pro edition with features for competition pilots.

Here's an excerpt from their website. For more details, click here.

"iGlide is an iPhone based moving map software by Butterfly. It can be run on Apple's iPhone® or iPod touch®. iGlide offers an entirely new level of situational awareness in navigation. Route planning has been completely re-designed and assists even in coping with the most challenging situations. Using our Apps in flight is fun and requires no pens, only fingers. iGlide is clear and revolutionarily simple.


iGlide turns navigation into a walk in the park, with functions that really are helpful. It gives overview, even in highly complicated situations, takes the load off the pilot and gives more time to monitor airspace.


iGlide is available in three different versions. Upgrades from one to another are possible at any time. The range begins with simple entry-level versions up to all-inclusive versions for professional users.

Installation and hardware

Our Apps have been developed specifically for the Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®. Even without an iPhone®, they can be used in the aircraft without limitations with an iPod touch. Compatible hardware is available from as little as €189. Systems are easy to install and can be used flexibly with a multitude of data sources. There are many different mounting options available from us directly or from retailers.

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  1. Ed
    January 6, 2014 at 2:57 am

    I’m in the USA and would like to whether or not the units of measurement can be selected to default to use nautical miles and feet instead of meters and kilometers.

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