Fun Fall 475km Glider Flight – Cedar Valley, Utah to Kemmerer Wyoming

I thought this week’s video segment should come from one of my earliest flights recorded on film back in 2008. I didn’t have the greatest HD cameras yet but the amazing scenery and fall flying conditions (including thermalling in falling snow yet going up at over 600 fpm) over Utah and Wyoming hopefully make up for the lack of video quality. Here is more info on the flight:

Sept 27, 2008 – Bruno Vassel IV filmed a cross country flight in his ASW-20BL sailplane from Cedar Valley, Utah to Kemmerer, Wyoming and back home. At the furthest out I was 131 miles downwind from Cedar Valley and it was snowing ice crystals from the clouds all around me. Fun!

I talk quite a bit about what is happening during the different stages of the flight and what I am concerned about in getting back home. The flight ended up being 5.5 hours long and my altitude ranged between 10,000 ft and 17,000 ft MSL. Overall, a very fun and beautiful day to fly! Thanks for watching – Bruno – B4