How to best describe the practice day for JoeyGlide…The bar opened early.

Nadeen Inspecting the Hookup

It wasn’t that bad, only 1 inch of rain during the night, then it rained again in the morning, it looked like a great Uvalde day minus the rain, only we are not in Uvalde and it rained. By noon the ground was dry and around 2 it looked soarable. One brave sole flew the Astir CS for a short bit and reported some lift and all of the instruments worked. I would guess that 100km was doable, at least I would have tasked it. The Maddock boys are here and were explaining how in the last JWGC they would have been gridded and have flown. I mentioned this was practice for there and we would be flying too. However the glider stayed dry in the hanger and we spent the day around the clubhouse and did a run into town looking for Renee’s ‘Chicken Sandwich with the Lot’.

Tonight’s meal is Curry cooked by Bobby Butler an amazing club member who caters all of the Kingaroy Soaring events and will be doing dinner every night at 7pm. He is famous Down Under for Beer Can Chicken.

I was hoping to see the DittoLog in action and report back. However I did get to chat with Greg and it seems like a pretty cool unit for the club. Imagine all of the launch and landing times, tow altitude, billing, and logbooks done automatically. This is currently in action, future for contests will involve the scorer uploading the task to the DittoLog server via SeeYou (I think) then sent to the DittoLog in your glider when you turn it on and it auto-uploads to your flight computer.

For those of you that do not know…about 99.9% of those reading this in Tonopah at the 15meter Nationals I loaded the incorrect startpoint and turned 105mph into 70something. Then not fully learning from that mistake I wrote over a task from the day before in Hobbs and failed to correct the turn area size from the day before and missed the turn. That did hurt, however some unnamed Nimbus 4 drivers did enjoy my follies ;-). With the DittoLog uploading the file direct from the scorer, who knows what other mistakes I could make.

The last picture is of the DittoLogger next to a Flarm.

FLARM andDittoLogger

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