Groundhog day all over again at New Castle (Region 4 South)

Another dreary, rainy day here at New Castle, with no end in sight.  Good friends, good food, great stories, but NO FLYING!!  CD Hank Nixon pulled the plug at the 10 am morning meeting, admitting that even he had no grounds for optimism.

Dinner tonight was Low Country Boil, and boy was it good.  I had to go back for seconds on the corn, as it was just too good to pass up.  I also spent some time at dinner buttonholing people for advice and/or support for the cross country training camp we are going to host at CCSC next June, in the week before our regional contest.  We plan to have 4 or more 2-place planes with experienced XC mentors, and we are also going to host Condor races on non-flying days.  If you are interested in participating, either as a ‘student’ or as a mentor, please contact me.  Registration for the camp will be available via the SSA racing schedule registration site.



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