JWGC day 7 (flying day 3)

Racing fans,

Despite poor weather forecasts, today we are out and racing as it has turned out to be a lovely afternoon. The club class started on a 2 hour assigned area task at 1426 and the standard class started their 1.5 hour (ha!) turn area task at 1616. The day really started late, but now the sky is full of beautiful flat bottomed cumulus (in clouds, having a flat bottom is a good thing). While we have been waiting for the pilots to return, we were treated to a lovely model air show, with a turbine equipped Glasfluegel 304C, and a Eurofighter. There was even an model aerotow – something I’ve never seen before. (I’ll post pictures as soon as I can get them off of Ethan’s camera)

We are anxiously awaiting the first club class pilots to return, as we have just passed the two hour mark from the start gate opening.

Yesterday, Boyd finished his task, but came home about 20 minutes short of the 2.5 hour task time, resulting in a slightly decreased speed. However, this was a conscious choice to avoid risking a out landing on what was a very tricky day.

Devin had a difficult start and got caught on the backside of the lift cycle, landing out safely in a field nearby.

Unfortunately, one of our lovely Australian competitors landed out after having two relights (three launches in total) ground looping in high grass and breaking his tail boom. Thankfully he is ok, but it looks like it will be the end of the contest for him.

Anxiously awaiting our pilots return in finally lovely Musbach,


US Junior Team Captain