PowerFLARM Now Available in U.S.

News from the PowerFLARM Team - July 2011

[ Editors' Note: For an introduction to FLARM technology--what it can do, how it works, etc., click here. ]
The ‘Portable’ PowerFLARM is now FCC approved and available in the U.S. Please contact your PowerFLARM dealer to execute your order or place a new one. The Brick is under development and testing but will not be available before the end of the year. Customers who have ordered a ‘Brick’ have the option to buy a ‘Portable’ PowerFLARM now and exchange it for a ‘Brick’ with remote display when it becomes available (see ‘Fine Print’ below).
 If you are unsure on how to mount the ‘Portable’ PowerFLARM; it comes with ‘Duallock’ industrial Velcro which holds it very well. In addition mounting plates will be available through the dealers, along with the popular and versatile RAM mounts. See the following links for mounting options (warning, automated translation, US site will be updated as soon as possible…).
Six AA batteries or rechargeables may be used (not included). External 12VDC can be wired using an RJ45 cable with standard IGC pinout.
Fine print on ‘Portable’ to ‘Brick’ exchange. . .
The ‘Portable’ PowerFLARM must be returned within 6 weeks of ‘Brick’ availability and be in working order and undamaged.
A fee of USD $170.00 plus shipping must be paid in advance of the exchange.
This program is NOT available for new customers, only those who are on the ‘Brick’ order list as of December 31, 2010.
PowerFLARM is shipped with:

• Main unit with one permanent FLARM antenna

• ADS-B antenna (removable)

• 2nd FLARM Antenna, remote, receive only (optional installation)

• 3M Dual Lock fasteners

 Implemented features as of v1.02:

• Display and warning of FLARM / PowerFLARM equipped aircraft

• Display of ADS-B (1090) equipped aircraft

• Display of Transponder Mode S equipped aircraft (non directional)

• Dataport output for FLARM / PowerFLARM equipped aircraft

• Individual configuration of maximum horizontal and vertical distances for all traffic types

The following features are not included in the v1.02 Firmware of PowerFLARM USA

• Flight recording (Q4/2011, pending IGC approval)

• Display of Transponder Mode C (Q3/2011, testing in progress)

Free updates can easily be applied by SD card or with an IGC specification compatible serial cable, as used for all IGC flight recorders.

PowerFLARM USA will be locked to North American frequencies up to 24 months after purchase.

Devices will be shipped with Firmware v1.02 which has a few enhancements compared to the v1.00 release.

• Longer battery life for alkaline and rechargeables

• Can select battery type in configuration, more accurate battery level readings

• Added ability to deep discharge alkalines, for better battery life

• Optimized display of targets: normal targets are displayed in dark green for more contrast

• Altitude difference is now indicated with little plus '+' signs

• Alarm display is easier readable, colour of the circle for undirected alarms changes as target approaches

• Audio AUX output for can be disabled for increased battery lifetime (default: disabled)

• Added test tone on audio AUX output when adjusting the volume, to verify installation is working

• Unit automatically shuts down if welcome screen is not acknowledged  for some time, to prevent draining of battery when unit is accidentally activated during transportation.

• Support for US units

Bug fixes:

• Battery level was indicated too low on some units

Availability of PowerFLARM at Uvalde

from  Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

Hi PowerFLARM Fans,

If you ordered a PowerFLARM Portable or Brick--and want to change to a Brick version with the option to upgrade to a Brick when they are available--and you are going to be competing in the soaring contests at Uvalde, please let your dealer know ASAP. Customers flying in Uvalde have top priority for the distribution of the new units. We want the contest to be "safety enhanced"with the PowerFLARM units as much as possible.

If you don't have a PowerFLARM Portable ordered and want to use a PowerFLARM Portable at the upcoming contests at Uvalde, you may want to order a Portable, or contact Rex Mayes at Williams Soaring to inquire about renting one for the contest.