Practice day at CCSC (R6S) – no flying today

After a week at home, I’m back on the road in my micro-castle at another regional contest.  This one is a bit unique because its my home club (Caesar Creek Soaring Club, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio) and so its only 70 miles from home.  I came down here on Friday, hoping to get in a flight, but turned out I was the only tow pilot – what a bummer!  Contest manager Rolf Hegele and CD Andy McQuigg have everything in order and ship-shape, and tow-rope guru Don Burns was busily preparing tow ropes for the contest.  Have to say though, that I was starting to go a bit stir-crazy after a week of no contest flying, especially after the wonderful weather we had at Cordele!

Weather is a bit different here, unfortunately.  We had a lot of middle level clouds covering up the sun today as a big system pushed through to our south.  Not much rain, but nowhere near enough sun for any lift to develop.   We spent the afternoon on the patio visiting with arriving pilots and generally getting things ready to go for the first contest day tomorrow.

The CCSC facilities are among the best in the U.S., and the club has gone out of its way to make it even better for contest participants.  The field itself is in superb shape and newly mowed, the campgrounds are pristine and the clubhouse has been cleaned to within an inch of its life.

Popular weather is calling for a chance of T-bumpers in the afternoon, with a 60% chance of precip during the day, but what do these guys know anyway? ;-).  I’m at least a bit optimistic that we can get a day in, but we’ll see.  If not, we can always fire up Condor and race that way.