No fly day at CCSC (R6S)

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine sparkling through mist on the field.  Made it about halfway around the runway periphery on my run – used to be able to do the whole field with no sweat – its a bitch to get old and feeble ;-).

Weather forecast doesn’t look so good.  Popular weather is for 50% chance of showers and/or T-bumpers, with a high of about 80 depending on cloud cover.  There’s a weak e-w frontal boundary just to our north, and a weak warm front developing over the Ohio river valley to our south, with high clouds already covering Illinois and Indiana and heading our way.  The soundings for the day show that we won’t be able to stay aloft until after about 1pm.

The day was cancelled at the morning meeting.  However, we did fly a Condor task at 2pm, followed by the welcome dinner at 6pm. Steve and MaryBeth McManus did their normal outstanding job with the food, except it was really hard getting past all the desserts to get to the food – my eyes and stomach kept pulling me toward the pies and cakes, even though my brain (what’s left of it anyhow) was telling me to stay away from all that stuff ;-).  Dinner was chicken breasts, a great greens & apricot salad, cole slaw, and all the strawberry pie you could eat – yum!

Tomorrow looks to be a bit better but still with a significant chance of rain, but we’ll see – stay tuned!