CCSC (Region 6 South) rained out

Well, we gave it our best shot, but the Region 6 contest at CCSC was officially cancelled today at 12:00.  After five straight days of rain and wind, we had been counting on Friday and Saturday to give us a contest, but today turned out to be much worse than earlier forecasts led us to believe.  We thought  we might have a shot later this afternoon, and I actually took my trailer out to to the grid to assemble around 11am, only to be driven away by rain.  At noon we took another look at the radar and satellite loops, and it was obvious there was no hope of getting a task in today, and therefore no chance of getting in a contest.

We are off to drown our sorrows at a local seafood restaurant tonight, and tomorrow I will be loading the micro-castle back on the pickup.  Next contest is Wurtsboro in about two weeks, and I am really hoping for (much!) better weather there.