Another no-fly day at CCSC (Region 6S)

Woke up to the sound of thunderstorm mating calls this morning.  By the time I was back from my morning  run/walk around the airport, there was already rain on the way from the southwest.  By the time of the morning meeting at 10:00 the rain had arrived, with no letup in sight.  If it weren’t for the wonderful weather we had at Cordele, I would be seriously considering suicide and/or a different (indoor!!!)  sport.

Activities for the day included a well-attended Condor race at 2pm, and an 8:30pm showing of ‘The Sunship Game’ in the clubhouse.  I have seen ‘Sunship Game’ many times now, but I enjoy it just as much every time.  George Moffat’s musings about the psychology of winning ring just as true now as they did when the movie was made.

Tomorrow’s weather is for ‘Mostly Sunny’ with the chance of precip down to 20%, so maybe we’ll actually get to pull our gliders out of their boxes and go fly – what a concept! ;-).