1-26 and PW5 Contest Day Cancelled

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Well, we seem to be talking a lot about the weather.  Mostly it’s bad.  Today it was bad again.  The morning was overcast with no real hope of getting better.  CD Jerry Steffen filled everyone in at the pilot meeting and called the day off.  Most everyone loaded up in their cars and hit the road for some local sightseeing.

There’s always the small burning candle of hope that the weatherman gets it wrong and the afternoon will turn into something decent, but not today.

Dave Abbot, one of our local glider pilots and Jerry Steffen took a few tows in the 2-33 early afternoon and reported smooth skies, which is great for gliding practice, but not much else.

The day might have been a wash, but the evening was all on the good side.  Around 6:30 p.m. everyone got together in the big hanger for some wine and cheese tasting festivities and a catered meal.  It was overall an excellent time.  Although, I’m wondering just how well I’d have gotten through the meal if it had been a contest day.  Ever been too tired to enjoy a meal?  I’m thinking a nice glass of wine and a great meal would have me sleeping completely through the next contest day.

We’ll see tomorrow…it appears that something might open up for a task to the east, maybe.  And “maybe” is good enough to have these folks out and looking at the sky!

Jim S.