1-26 and PW5 Brunch and Awards

Well, I almost forgot to say goodbye.  The contest is over, the vacation spent, and I’m back to work.  But there were some activities that I haven’t reported on, so I should say my proper goodbyes.

The brunch and awards activities started at 10:00 with plenty of good food provided again by Gary Lipscombe.  Not everyone was present since some of the flyers have left for their next destinations but those present had a good time.  Loch Oman, glider club member and our launch recorder volunteer for the contest, gave a very nice and fitting invocation for the brunch.

The group got to hear of quite an adventure from guest speaker Phillip Crew who is in Kendallville picking up his new Maule.  The interesting part of this story is that Phillip is from England and intends to fly the newly purchased Maule back to England from the states. He said he could have had it shipped, but that wasn’t in the spirit of the adventure.  He walked everyone through his preparation plans and described all the gear he and his co-pilot will need for the over water parts of the flight.    It was quite an extensive list of gear.  I’m thinking doing a cross country flight in a glider isn’t sounding so bad after all.  At least I’d be over land!

Next up, Jerry made a special presentation to Carl Brown.  Carl got one of our bright neon green 1-26 PW5 Championship shirts that all of us volunteers were wearing.  (You just couldn’t miss us if anyone needed anything.  Just look for the big green glow!)  Carl was great and even helped do a bunch of mowing.  Imagine, the contest people helping us with the mowing.  What a group!

Carl also presented Gary Lipscombe with two excellent bottles of wine to thank Gary for the hot air balloon ride.  Gary put his balloon up twice during the competition week including giving anyone who wanted one a tethered ride on a calm evening.  Thanks Gary for the rides and the great food.

Next was the 1-26ers special “Spiffy Award.”  This award went to Gus Johnson and his 008 ship.  If you take a look at the photo gallery you will agree that Gus’s glider is well deserving of the award.

I will go ahead and list the awards here for the 1-26’s and PW5s for both team and solo as given by Jerry.  Thanks to Rick Green, our contest scorer for taking care of everyone, helping with loggers and GPS, and providing the final scoring listings even though we could not have an official Championship.


1st     Individual        Curt Lewis
2nd    Individual        Gus Johnson
3rd    Individual        Bill Vickland

1st     Team            Williams & Leal
2nd    Team            Schwartyz & Healy
3rd    Team            Cook & Daye


World Class

1st                        Bill Snead
2nd                       Patrick Tuckey
3rd                       Tom McKnight

Well everyone, that is it.  Thanks to everyone who helped and participated.  I had a fantastic time, learned a lot and look forward to another day when I can spend some soaring time with all of the 1-26 PW5 folks.  Happy Soaring!  Jim S.