My trip to Ely, Nevada

I made a trip to the US with my ASH-26 in 2006.  During my trip, I visited and fly at Julian, Moriarty, Parowan, Ely, Minden, Bishop and a few other places.  The photo was taken on July 25th, 2006 from Ely, Nevada.  I was fortunate to fly there with my friends Hugh Milne and Wilfried Krüger.  The weather was very good allowing us to make some 1000 Kilometer flight.  I liked very much flying in the area and found the people at the Eli Airport to be very nice and helpful; especially, James from the hanger workshop.  I was able to go to Ely and fly there without any problems even thought no one there knew me.   I thought everyone might enjoy this photo.

Ely, NV (photo by Holger Weitzel copyright


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