Just out! A new book about Einar Enevoldson

The Soaring Society of America announces publication of  new book

Hobbs, New Mexico, February 24, 2011

Einar Enevoldson Suited Up and Ready to Go for Perlon Project Flight

Author Bertha Ryan, covers the life of Einar Enevoldson from his childhood determination to fly to his life as a pilot soaring above the earth in every type of aircraft imaginable. Einar Enevoldson is forever connected to the world record altitude flight he and Steve Fossett made to about 51,000 feet, but that is just one of his amazing flights. Recovery from a flat spin while testing an F-14 and his land-out in an F-104 are just two of the “interesting” moments described. This book covers the challenges Enevoldson faced as a glider pilot, Air Force pilot, and NASA research test pilot.

Ryan, an aerospace engineer who has known Enevoldson since the 1950s, fills the pages with fascinating background material that shows Enevoldson’s connection to the people who propelled US aeronautical advancements. Enevoldson was at the center of historic aviation moments as a test pilot and explorer into high altitude flight. His many accomplishments will be recognized on May 7, 2011 when he will be inducted into the US Soaring Hall of Fame.

This book handles the complexities of the aviation design, flight characteristics and aviation weather in a way that both the general reader and an aeronautical expert will find satisfying. The information about such phenomena as the Stratospheric Polar Night Jet reminds us of the challenging conditions Enevoldson confronted. With lots of pictures as well as additional materials provided in the appendix, it is an excellent resource for all interested in aviation, science and human exploration.


It is an honor for the Soaring Society of America to have an opportunity to publish this book.  We believe that it will inspire young pilots to set their sights on a career in aviation.  The narrative of a person with determination and skill is one that can awaken in each of us a possibility of a limitless future.

James Payne, Flight Test manager and Air Force Test Pilot said, “Until I read Soaring Beyond the Clouds, I did not realize the breadth and depth of his experience.  Anyone interested in NASA flight tests or soaring will enjoy this chronicle of Einar’s exploits.”

These photographs of Einar Enevoldson included in this post are available for use by the media.

Bertha Ryan

The author, Bertha Ryan, an aerospace engineer and commercial pilot, earned her undergraduate degree in mathematics at Emmanuel College in Boston and then a master's degree in aerodynamics at MIT. She moved west to work for Douglas Aircraft, then NASA at Edwards until finding a home with the Navy at China Lake. Retiring to neighboring Ridgecrest, California, Ryan has now turned her attention to writing, first publishing in several national general aviation magazines and now the book.  [Note:  There is a nice article about Bertha Ryan here.]

Her honors include the Majewska Medal (the first American to be so honored), the Eaton Trophy, and the Schweizer Lifetime Service Award.   She is a member of the US Soaring Hall of Fame. Ryan is the perfect pilot to take the reader for a ride through aviation history.

To purchase Soaring Beyond the Clouds, please contact The Soaring Society of America, Inc., PO Box 2100, Hobbs, NM 88241. Call 575-392-1177 or order on line at www.ssa.org. The price is $21.95 (retail discounts available for businesses).


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